Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste 200gm (4624026501205)

Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste 200gm

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Description : 

Colgate Active Salt, claimed to be the first toothpaste in India to contain salt. Colgate Active Salt combines salt with calcium and minerals to make teeth strong and gums healthy. Developed after extensive consumer research in India, it is positioned as an everyday family toothpaste that combines a minty taste with a dash of salt for a unique brushing experience.

A key ingredient in salt toothpaste is sodium chloride, aka table salt. The salt works as a gentle abrasive, helping to remove stains from the teeth. Some salt toothpastes, likeColgate Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening Bubblestoothpaste, also containbaking soda, which is another type of salt (sodium bicarbonate).

One ingredient that is often missing from salt toothpastes isfluoride, which is itself a type of salt. As theAmerican Dental Association(ADA) points out, fluoride plays a big role in helping prevent cavities. The mineral helps strengthen teeth and rebuild enamel. In order for a toothpaste in the U.S. to earn the seal of approval from the ADA, it must contain fluoride.

Specifications : 

  • Salt Toothpaste
  • Fights Against Germs
  • Helps fight germs
  • Refreshing mint taste
  • Healthy gums and teeth

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